Digital marketing can be a highly technical and involved process that utilises several different platforms for optimum results. However, if you’re looking for an easy way to increase your website traffic and social media following, then combining content with social media adverts is the simplest and cheapest way to do so.

This will help to improve your audience capture and conversion rate – essentially encouraging social media followers to become paying customers through engaging content and targeted advertising. You should think of social media channels as business tools rather than social networks.

The goal of this approach is to create lasting relationships with online followers and provide them with useful content while also sending them from your social channels directly to your website. Remember that this content should focus on helping your audience in some way rather than overtly selling your products and services.

Be patient, it’s a long-term strategy

A common mistake with content marketing is to become impatient and end the process before it’s had time to make a real lasting impact on your traffic and website. It takes about a year to build a solid foundation but the beauty of the process is that this creates an everlasting foundation that generates more web traffic and visitors to your site.

Don’t be too hasty to make sales either. Targeted social media adverts are great for growing an audience and reaching your ideal customer, but these people may not always have an immediate intent to buy. It’s still vital to reach these people and to continue serving your content to them. They may need a little persuasion or time to think about it before making a purchase.

The purpose of using content in targeted social media adverts is to deliver value to your followers; to show them that your business can help in some way. If they don’t click on your content this time, it does not mean that they won’t be interested at a later stage. Patience is key, as long as you know that your targeting is solid.

Adverts that are based on content from your website will offer value to your audience and build trust. Remember to reply to comments on these adverts and keep the lines of communication open – this is an important part of community management.

Three levels of social media ads

In any digital marketing effort, there are three levels to using social media for advertising. These are branding, converting and retargeting. The branding exercise is the first step which creates brand awareness of your products and services. These ads educate your followers about your business and what it has to offer, building up your audience in the process.

The second level is converting (or turning your audience into paying customers). Conversions can be encouraged through high-quality content and a strong call-to-action (CTA). Conversion ads should educate or entertain your audience while also demonstrating the value of your business. It’s a persuasion exercise and may take the lion’s share of your advertising budget.

The final level is retargeting. These ads are shown to people who may have viewed your website or started filling out contact forms, but never completed a purchase. If set up properly, retargeting ads can have the biggest return on investment and payoff. The targeting for these types of ads is quite specific.

When creating a social media marketing strategy, create ads in order of these tiers; start by brand-building first, then encourage conversions and then retarget people who didn’t complete the customer journey.

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