Although a fantastic digital marketing strategy can guarantee that high-quality content is regularly uploaded and shared to your social media profiles, it cannot ensure that your engagement will be high. Low engagement can sabotage even the best articles, videos and educational content.

How can you stop this from happening and guarantee that your content is shared, liked and commented on? You must make sure that your content strategy and social media strategy are complementary.

Having a poor social media strategy can harm the reputation of your brand. Low engagement may be a sign of this, and you may be doing a few things incorrectly without even realising it. Here are some causes of low social media engagement:

Not addressing the audience’s needs

Social media offers businesses a free platform to connect with a sizable audience. To stay informed of new product releases and news, the majority of users follow the brands they most frequently interact with. A true connection is one of the main things followers seek.

They prefer to hear a real person’s voice, not a filtered, robotic message, behind the posts. According to Sprout Social, 86% of customers prefer brands to behave honestly on Facebook, followed by posts that are friendly, helpful and amusing.

Using a real voice on social media can humanise your brand and make it more worthy of your audience’s time. Do some research on your audience’s needs and desires, and then fulfil them through your various platforms. 

Always fact-check and proofread your content

When it comes to inaccurate information and grammatical errors in your articles, social media users have a reputation for being ruthless. Even simple spelling errors in posts will prompt a flood of inquiries about the whereabouts of your editor. This type of engagement is not desirable.

Prior to publishing any post, make sure you take a little more time to read through your content and captions with care. If necessary, hire a qualified freelance editor or proofreader to check your content’s facts and grammar. A second set of eyes will allow you to spot your errors. Alternatively, you can download Grammarly, which is a free tool to check your writing for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Your followers will undoubtedly call you out on your errors, so it’s crucial to proofread, fact-check, edit and re-edit. Errors can harm your expert credibility, the reputation of your brand and your future engagement rate.

Exchange dialogue with your social media followers

Social media interactions and brand reputation are closely related. Nothing enrages customers more than unresponsive brands. Make sure they receive a response or some sort of acknowledgement if they take the time to interact and engage with your brand.

You don’t have to respond to every comment left by one of your followers, but you should interact with the more devout ones. It’s recommended to use a single platform for all of your social media accounts; Hootsuite, for example, can be very helpful for keeping track of your mentions across all social networks.

Your audience will interact with you more frequently if you do so. Start engaging in friendly conversation with your followers. Their loyalty to your brand will grow as a result and your website traffic will benefit too.

These are a few of the reasons why your social media engagement may have declined. As we’ve seen, it’s simple to make a mistake in your strategy that will reduce engagement. The time and effort you put into creating the content for your website may be in vain if no one reads it or shares it on social media.

Always be friendly, reasonable and personable when interacting with followers of your social platforms. If you give your audience the respect and time they deserve, then your brand is off to a winning start on social media.

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