What do you look for in a successful digital marketing company? Is it how quickly they can grow your audience, how many social media followers they can attract, or how cost-effectively they can market your products or services? You may have your own targets by which you judge digital marketers, but you cannot ignore your customers.

A good digital marketing company will understand your customers and reach them in a natural way. The customer is the only thing that matters at the end of the day, and getting them to view your website and choose your brand over your competitors is what marketing boils down to.

Your audience needs to be able to engage and interact with your business online. To do this effectively, we need to understand your ideal customer in order to develop content and adverts that they will engage with. Knowing what they like and need are vital components of targeting.

Mobimeme offers various digital services, including content marketing, SEO, analytics, social media management and expert direction in the digital marketing landscape. We specialise in building and growing online audiences for your business through researched content and social media advertising.

Marketing to your ideal customer

Customer-centric marketing is a method that takes advantage of personalised messaging, relevant content and targeted adverts. The entire strategy should be centred around your customers’ needs and creating bespoke content that they can appreciate and interact with.

Customers are the most loyal when they feel heard or valued. This approach improves the relationship between your business and your ideal audience, which in turn improves customer retention and satisfaction.

The foundation of customer-centric marketing is providing tailored content and adverts that cater to their existing needs, rather than telling them what they should hear. Instead of bragging about your products and services, you should offer your customers interesting content that they want to click on – whether it’s insightful industry news, new statistics or simple ‘how-to’ guides.

By focusing on your customers and providing them with something of value, you’re setting your business apart from the competition. Customers are spoilt for choice so you need to be marketing in a strategic and subtle manner. This is where content marketing excels.

Knowing what your customers want

There are around 80 million new blog posts published every month on WordPress alone. This is why it’s absolutely vital to know your customers and their needs. With so much competition online, your content needs to be high quality and interesting. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to create unique articles that directly speak to the needs of your audience. Being relevant is a major driver of success in the digital marketing sphere.

If your audience likes your content, they could easily convert into loyal customers. This makes it easier to market your products and services and convince your audience why your business is a leading brand.

Loyal customers are more likely to share your content to their own networks and social media channels, as well as talk about your content with their family and friends. Customer-driven recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing are hugely beneficial as they come pre-embedded with trust.

How to engage with your audience online

Engagement and interaction are directly linked to how well you know your customers. Do not guess what they want and start listening to them. You need to interact with your followers on social media platforms and pay attention to the comments and direct messages (DMs).

Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, says that customers are like invited guests to a party and the business is the host. “It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better,” he explains. You can use the following steps to improve customer engagement:

  1. Create customer personas – Create a spreadsheet or matrix in which you describe your ideal customers. Give them names, personalities, job titles and ages. Create four or five customer personas and then take a step back to ask yourself “How can we connect with each one better?”. These personas should be updated once in a while to ensure that you remain focused and relevant.

  2. Keep an eye on your social media – Your customers will often leave comments and DMs on your social media channels. They will let you know exactly how they feel about your brand, products and services. Take this feedback, good or bad, and use it constructively. This will allow you to find better solutions and improve your customer experience.

  3. Conduct customer surveys – One of the best ways to get real answers from your customers is to ask them directly in surveys. Simple questionnaires can evoke honest answers and valuable insights from your customers. Surveys must be quick to complete and easy to submit. Remember to keep the language clear and simple to avoid confusion.

  4. Keep tabs on your top-performing articles – Every month, look at the performance results and analytics of your content. Certain formats will perform better than others and invite more engagement and clicks. Videos, for example, tend to perform better than infographics. Keeping an eye on these metrics will allow you to craft content that your audience responds to.

  5. Find out why visitors are not converting – You might be sending thousands of online visitors through to your website every month, but only a few of them may convert into paying customers. Sometimes the biggest lessons come from failures and conversions are no different. Try to identify any gaps in your sales funnel or user journey. Use analytics to see where customers click off your website or give up on form submissions. This will allow you to make changes to your website and strategy to improve conversion rates.

Digital marketing is not about pushing your products and services down the throats of your audience. This is a sure way to lose followers and dehumanise your customers. Spend time listening to them and trying to better understand their needs, so that you can tailor your content to provide useful and valuable collateral.

A good marketing strategy is customer-centric. This requires in-depth research and a considered approach. If you’d like help with your digital marketing approach, please contact us today. We offer consultations and can put together well-rounded marketing strategies that put your customers first.


Mobimeme offers various digital services, including content marketing, SEO, analytics, social media management and expert direction in the digital sphere. Building and growing online audiences for your business is what we do best. For more insights, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.