Core Team

Mobimeme Digital Marketing

Zani Botes

Managing Director

Zani has been exploring the depths of the digital marketing sector since 2001. She started Mobimeme in 2017 and has been running it ever since from her office in Cape Town, South Africa. She’s a free-spirited leader and will often be found dancing to music, whether in the heart of the Karoo or in her radio studio on the weekends.


Carla Dos Santos

Digital Director

Carla has been a trailblazer in digital marketing since 2000, establishing herself as one of the top SEOs in the country. She’s based anywhere with sand, sun and stable WiFi. Her biggest hobby is cosmology and she’s flawed by the beauty of a nebula. Her bucket list goal is to embark on a dinosaur dig in Elmo, Utah.


Josh Oates

Head of Content

Josh has been navigating his way through the industry since 2015 and his home base is in Harare, Zimbabwe. He’s in charge of written content and is a self-proclaimed Jack of all trades. He took one small step for man and got his pilot’s license recently, with the hopes that it would make his trips to Cape Town a little bit quicker.


Lee De Kock

Creative Operations Manager

Lee has been traversing the marketing terrain since 2016 and is based in Pretoria, South Africa. She is responsible for all things visual but is also a whizz at social media and the foreign world of Facebook Business Manager. As our resident bookworm, one of her bucket list goals is to write and publish her own novel.


Dayne Stern

PR Manager

Dayne has over 15 years of experience in the fields of Public Relations, Corporate Communication Strategy, and Crisis/Reputation Management; six of which are as a Senior Account Director at leading PR agencies in South Africa. He is an expert in providing traditional PR services, along with scenario planning and risk assessment, and he develops both proactive and reactive crisis communication strategies.

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