When introducing a new product or business to the world, content marketing is a powerful tool. It allows new business owners to increase traffic to their websites, populate their social media profiles with informative articles and start the marketing process in a more subtle way.

The foundation of effective content marketing is developing original articles and visuals that draw in an audience. Unique content can set a new company apart from its competitors by informing, entertaining and educating online users. Content can be any media that enhances the value of your brand and boosts its reputation.

Mobimeme offers several digital marketing services, including content marketing, graphic design, social media management, community management, search engine optimisation and more. We are specialists in content ideation and creation for any business. Here are some pointers for new companies planning to launch their content marketing campaigns.

How to create effective content for a new business

New businesses will want to start the process of growing their social media audience as soon as they can. The earlier you start, the better because it takes at least a year to build up a sizable audience. This can be done with an effective content marketing strategy and rollout. 

Remember that by creating original and informative articles, you demonstrate that you are an authority in your industry. This will enhance your company’s reputation and make promoting future products simpler. Aim to publish at least one new article on your website every week. This can be posted on your social media channels to pull that audience back to your website.

If your content is educational, entertaining and informative, there’s a good chance that other websites and followers will discover your work and begin sharing it as well. This will cast your net wider and help to attract more people to your site, where they can find your contact page or leads forms.

Keep in mind that when it comes to your content output, quality always wins. Uploading a few meaningful, well-researched articles once a week is preferable than posting brief, uninspired articles every day. It’s also no longer sufficient to just post content on your website – to make your work stand out from the rest, you must offer a special angle on the subject.

Know your target audience and talk to the appropriate people – your readers won’t benefit from getting advice from a European website about a South African subject. Develop content around topics and problems that your company can help to solve rather than outright pitching your products or services on your website and social media channels.

It’s also important to understand which social media platforms to use and which could be a waste of your time – social media channels are geared towards certain types of content, so know where to post your articles, images, infographics, videos, podcasts and other media for maximum engagement. 

How to engage with your social media followers

Ask your followers for input and pay attention to their suggestions. This will enable you to enhance your offerings while strengthening your relationship with potential clients. Keep a look out for helpful advice in the comments since there may be some people who have a lot of experience in your industry.

Dialogue with your audience helps them connect with your brand more personally and increases their sense of investment in it. Keeping an existing customer costs less than acquiring new ones. 


Sometimes paying for professional marketing services is worthwhile. Aim to spend a small amount of money to promote your content on social media. This can have a massive impact on your engagement, views and clicks through to your website. For example, spending as little as R250 to boost a post on Facebook can lead to just under 1000 clicks to your website.

You’ll also find that your social media audience responds better to various types of content, so recognize this and ensure that you post written content, photos, videos and audio bites. If you don’t have the ability to create all of this media by yourself, it doesn’t hurt to share from other accounts; posting a YouTube video created by someone else can be an easy way to inform your audience and deliver value without having to create the video yourself.

However, always remember to credit the original creators and link back to their channels where possible. The field of content marketing distinguishes itself from one-way advertising and creates a channel for involvement and connection with your target audience. 

Developing a solid content marketing plan can be a terrific strategy for new businesses and startups trying to introduce a new product or service to the market. If you need assistance with your digital marketing, content creation and social media output, please contact us today.


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