Mobimeme worked on a content marketing campaign for the launch of a new herbal remedy company in South Africa. We ran campaigns for five months during the Covid-19 pandemic (June to October 2020). During this period, we aimed to increase the audience’s awareness of their products, which comprised traditional African medicines, as well as to increase sales. 

Every month, we researched and wrote 12 articles, which were uploaded and shared on the company’s website and social media channels. These articles included product breakdowns, information on the herbal ingredients used and research-based insights into the real benefits of the medicinal remedies. An extensive internal linking strategy was used to hyperlink articles to one another and to the shop page of the website. 

Similarly, all social media posts linked back to the website and to the online shop. All of the articles were optimised for search engines and an additional monthly advertising spend was used to boost these articles to a specific, targeted audience on Google and their social media platforms. In the five months of the content marketing campaign, these are some of the highlights to show how the website and audience grew:

  • Website visitors – At the start of the campaign, the herbal remedy website had zero website visitors as it was a brand-new site. At the end of October 2020, the website was visited by 28 838 users.

  • Page views – The website had 143 544 page visits at the end of five months. That means that each user visited around four pages of the site. The shop page of the website had 13 549 direct visits at the end of the campaign.

  • Best performing article – The top article created for the website generated 19 718 page views alone. It also received 4600 likes on Facebook and 700 comments from the 224 902 people who saw the post. It was shared 1200 times.
  • Sales generated – The company had zero online sales at the start of the campaign. By the end of the five months, a total of 276 bottles of herbal medicine had been purchased from the online store. This generated over R46 000 for the company.

End of the content marketing campaign and decline

The company showed great growth and potential but the campaign was stopped when the company decided to bring its marketing efforts in-house. After this, there was a marked decline in sales of products and traffic to the website.

The graphs above show the substantial decline in both website visitors and sales revenue for the business. Page views dropped by 84% to just 5 482 in the month of November, compared to 34 960 page visits in October. Monthly sales revenue also dropped by more than 63% – in November, the company generated R6 420 from 22 product sales compared to R17 609 generated through 54 sales during October.

Sales in September were even higher; 115 products were sold through the online shop, generating R34 061 for the brand. The immediate drop in website visitors led to the decline in online purchases; that is obvious. But the key point with this case study lies in the power of content marketing for a website and a brand looking to boost its audience and online presence.

Our campaigns are long-term strategies, which means signing up for a longer partnership, but they promise a solid return on investment. By building a well-grounded foundation and an interlinking web of content, we can grow any brand’s online audience. This generally correlates to more sales, although our focus remains on using content to build an invested, targeted audience for your company. This expands the potential customer base for your company and increases brand awareness with your target audience. 

By signing up with us, you sign up to a full team of digital marketing experts for the cost of one in-house specialist and no overheads. If you’d like us to help you grow your website audience and manage your social media channels, get in touch with us today to find out more information and how we can set up a partnership to help you succeed in the online space.


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