Mobimeme worked extensively with LafargeHolcim Tanzania for just over one year. This cement manufacturer is based in Mbeya, Tanzania and opted for Mobimeme’s content marketing package which entailed 20 unique articles written for their website every month (240 articles per year), as well as all accompanying designs and images. 

Some of the articles were translated into Swahili to reach the local audience in their home language. All articles were optimised for search engines and contained hyperlinks to other pages on the site. These articles were then shared on LafargeHolcim Tanzania’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter channels. A YouTube channel was also created and various types of videos were created for the cement manufacturer by Mobimeme. 

LafargeHolcim Tanzania also opted for an additional R15 000 advertising spend to boost these articles to a wider, targeted audience on Google and their social media platforms. In just over 12 months of extensive campaigns, here are some highlights of how the online audience for LafargeHolcim grew.

Digital marketing results

  • Website visitors – At the start of our partnership, LafargeHolcim Tanzania had just 48 website visitors. One year later, the website was visited by 56 424 users – that is a 117 450% increase in traffic to their site in just 12 months. Most of these visitors (42 904) live in Dar es Salaam – the financial hub of Tanzania.
  • Page views – Page views increased by 23 096% since the start of the comprehensive SEO content marketing campaign. In one year, the LafargeHolcim website had 234 745 page visits, compared to 1012 page visits the year before our partnership began. 22 449 people found the website through LafargeHolcim Tanzania’s various social media channels.

  • Facebook audience – The LafargeHolcim Tanzania Facebook audience grew to 42 955 dedicated and opted-in followers in the first year. During this time, posted articles received over 108 000 reactions and 998 comments. 72 500 users have actively engaged with LafargeHolcim Tanzania content on the Facebook platform. During the last 90 days of our partnership, 505 021 people saw or interacted with LafargeHolcim content through Facebook advertisements.

  • Instagram audience – During the course of the year-long campaign, 131 Instagram posts were created and boosted to the Instagram community. LafargeHolcim Tanzania grew its Instagram audience from zero to 2855 followers during the first year of the partnership.
  • Twitter audience – Over the last three months of the campaign, LafargeHolcim Tanzania’s tweets were seen by 230 100 people. These tweets were liked eight times per day, on average. 

  • LinkedIn audience – Mobimeme grew the LafargeHolcim Tanzania LinkedIn audience to 982 followers during the course of the year. The content posts on the platform were seen by 23 600 users in the last 30 days of the campaign.
  • Pinterest audience – We posted the articles on the LafargeHolcim Tanzania Pinterest page and during the last 90 days of the campaign, these posts were read by 13 840 people.

Working alongside a multinational cement manufacturer has allowed Mobimeme to highlight the effectiveness of content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media advertising. These statistics and audience numbers prove that a well-planned campaign can result in massive growth for a business and its website.

Unfortunatley, the partnership ended when LafargeHolcim franchises moved marketing efforts in-house. As a result, our articles were not uploaded to the new website and the content was lost. If you’d like us to help you grow your website audience and improve your social media reach, get in touch with us today to find out more information.


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