Mobimeme worked extensively with Formex Industries over a period of one year. This automotive parts manufacturer is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and opted for 10 unique articles written for their website every month (120 articles per year), as well as all accompanying designs and images. All articles were optimised for search engines and contained hyperlinks to other pages on the site.

These articles were then shared on the Formex Industries Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter channels. Here are some highlights of how the online audience for Formex Industries has grown during the 12 months of the campaign:

  • Website visitors – After a year-long content marketing campaign, the new Formex Industries website was visited by 15 466 users. These visitors spent time reading articles or looking for information, contact details or other interesting reads on the website.
  • Page views – Page views grew to 31 777 since the start of the comprehensive SEO content marketing campaign. Since launching the new website, the written articles attracted most of the visits – 17 376 of the page visits were to one of our articles.

  • Facebook audience – The Formex Industries Facebook audience grew from 1440  to 12 252 dedicated and opted-in followers in the first year – a 751% increase. During this time, posted articles received 28 172 likes, comments and shares. During the last 90 days of our partnership, 286 986 Facebook users actively engaged with Formex Industries content on the platform.

  • Instagram audience – During the course of the year, 186 Instagram posts were created and boosted to the Instagram community. Formex Industries grew its Instagram audience from zero to 262 followers during the first year of the partnership.
  • LinkedIn audience – The Formex Industries LinkedIn page grew to 150 followers and attracted 106 views in the last 30 days of the campaign.

Working alongside a South African automotive parts manufacturer has allowed Mobimeme to highlight the effectiveness of content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media management – even when signing up for one of our smaller packages. These statistics and audience numbers prove that a well-planned campaign can result in big growth for a business and its website. This expands the potential customer base for your company and increases your brand awareness with your target audience.

If you’d like us to help you grow your website audience and manage your social media channels, get in touch with us today to find out more information – including our price list and how we can set up a partnership with your business to help you succeed in the online space.


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